Matching Gift Programs

How can you DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your charitable donations to Help Hospitalized Veterans?

Thousands of employers nationwide offer their employees the opportunity to match their charitable gifts. Infact, matching gift programs have become one of the wisest ways to increase the value of your donations.

While many employers will match your donations, some will double them, and a few will even triple them! (Note: Your employer may have a maximum benefit annually, so you may wish to inquire about this.)

Thousands of companies large and small have established matching gift programs for their employees, so read on if you’d like to have your donations matched, doubled or possibly even tripled.

How to participate:

Ask your employer if they have a Matching Gift program. If so, ask for a Matching Gift form.

Complete the donor section of the form and mail it along with your donation to the following address:

Help Hospitalized Veterans
36585 Penfield Lane
Winchester, CA 92596

Help Hospitalized Veterans will complete the remainder of the form, then will submit it to your employer for fulfillment.

You may also inquire with your employer about the following:

Companies may also match gifts of employees’ spouses and retirees.

Some companies may not have a Matching Gift program established, but may still match your donation.

Many companies will match gifts such as cash, stocks, marketable securities and even the value of your volunteer time.

Above all, please know that HHV is grateful for all donations large and small. Every dollar counts and we thank you for your generosity!