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• Each week, Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) supplies hundreds of craft kits to military service members and veterans receiving medical care.

• The kits aid in rehabilitation, designed to restore coordination and impaired motor skills, improve attention spans and concentration, and relieve symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. They are also used as a diversional therapy and recreational outlet for patients.

• HHV is the nation’s largest supplier of therapeutic arts and crafts kits used at federal, state, military and community health care centers, and also furnishes products to homebound veterans.

• Kits include a wide variety of crafts such as leatherwork, mosaics, glass design, jewelry, painting, needlecrafts, poster art, plastic and wood models, and many more.

• Contributions made by HHV’s generous donors provide the funds needed to offer these products to America’s veterans and military servicemen and women.


• In recent years, HHV developed a performance measurement study to see if its programs were effective, and to promote better understanding and support for veteran patients.

• Reported by Health Care Data, Inc. (HCD), the study measured the HHV program at 13 VA hospitals and state veterans nursing homes. It clearly demonstrated a therapeutic value of the HHV arts & crafts program in a therapeutic setting.

• This voluntary activity allowed HHV to quantify its craft kit program performance with measures of patient health outcome, satisfaction and effectiveness.

• The veteran patients who received HHV craft kits and staff assistance were overwhelmingly satisfied with the craft kit program, and had a positive response rate of 98.6 percent. HHV was shown to be one of the top three volunteer organizations with activities in the medical centers that reach 98.7 percent of the veterans.

• An overwhelming 89.6 percent of the patients felt HHV craft therapy helped maintain or improve their physical capabilities. Patients with a good mental attitude and outlook toward treatment have better chances for improvement.

• This study showed how HHV’s program help patients in functional improvement, both physically and mentally. Patients’ comments reinforced that data.

• Veterans not only appreciate HHV, but also willingly thank the donors who make the program possible. In fact, 96.8 percent of patients wrote notes of appreciation to the donors directly, by completing the “Thank You” postcards attached to each craft kit. Often, these postcards are the avenue through which pen-pal relationships form between donors and the veterans who receive kits.

• HHV will continue to support all efforts to foster a healthy and rewarding life for America’s veterans, and will continue to do all it can to help them reach their recovery and rehabilitative goals.

For more detailed information concerning this comprehensive study, click here.

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Your gift to HHV reminds veterans their service is appreciated. HHV provides arts & crafts kits that empower hospitalized veterans by keeping their hands active and minds alert.

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