Bugles Across America

In January 2000, Congress passed legislation guaranteeing veterans the right to at least two uniformed servicemen, a flag ceremony, and the playing of TAPS at their funeral. The US military authorized alternative methods for playing TAPS at military funerals and events. Due to VA’s expected 1/2 million veterans to pass every year for the next 7 years, there are not enough buglers to provide a live bugler at every burial thus many burials have the historic melody played on an electronic bugle or CD player.

This alternative method incited an emotional response by many veterans including retired Marine and bugle player Tom Day. Day felt that a digital horn or a recoding played on a “boombox” did not fully give veterans the dignity and respect they deserve compared to the sacrifices they gave our county. So Day did something about it, and in May 2001 he founded Bugles Across America. Out of his basement and through the Internet and newspapers, Day quickly recruited over 2,800 buglers. Bugles Across America now has volunteers in all 50 states, overseas and continues to grow.

Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) is extremely pleased to support the mission of Bugles Across America (BAA) that this sacred music should be played by a live bugler at gravesite. HHV is encouraged that BAA is making great strides in accomplishing this very important task. HHV’s mission to assist veterans and their love ones during their hospitalization and recuperation is one of support and patriotism to the veteran. The passing of an American veteran is not only a loss to a family, but also a loss to our society and our country. The Board of Directors, through its continual drive of applying HHV resources into direct support of the veteran and military community, believes that BAA has stepped forward to fill a very important and humbling need in its mission to ensure that no veteran shall pass without the playing of TAPS at his/her services.

Because of the increase of veterans expected to pass over the next couple of years Bugles Across America is always seeking out individuals that want and are willing to volunteer their time for the brave men and women who gave their lives to our country. For more information about Bugles Across America click here.