National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

HHV has co-sponsored the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, an annual, weeklong event which showcases the creative achievements of veterans receiving treatment at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities.

The Festival is a culmination of two separate competitions – “Vet Arts” created in 1981 at the McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia and a performing arts competition held at the Waco, Texas VA Medical Center, later to be called the “National Music Competition.” The two finally merged in 1989 to create the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival of today which continues to evolve; in 2005 creative writing was added to the arts division.

Through the Festival, veterans are given the opportunity to participate in creative self-expression as part of the overall recovery. It also serves as a platform for recognition of their achievements in arts & crafts, music, dance and drama, while raising awareness that creative expression while receiving treatment for disease, disability or life crisis can be tremendously therapeutic.

So please watch the video below and remember – not all battlefield wounds are visible but they can be just as devastating. Many wounds, obscure or not, can be successfully treated through participation in the arts.

For more information about this wonderful special event, click here.