National Veterans Golden Age Games

HHV has co-sponsored the annual National Veterans Golden Age Games, the premier senior adaptive rehabilitation program for veterans in the world. The Games were designed to improve the quality of life for all veterans age 55+. The Games serve to help senior veterans maintain excellent mental and physical health by encouraging them to participate in competitive activities throughout the year.

Since its 1985 inception, the event has encouraged thousands of “golden age” veterans to remain active, both physically and emotionally. Many of the events began as recreational activities at VA hospitals and nursing home care units across the country. The first competition took place in Albany, Georgia, with 115 competitors. The event quickly grew into the largest sports and recreational competition for seniors in the world. The National Veterans Golden Age Games provides a variety of games suited for veterans and are based on both their abilities and disabilities. The competition provides separate age groups and gender divisions where needed. Because many veterans also face varying types of medical challenges, events have been added for competitors with low motor skills, as well as those who use wheelchairs. This has made the National Veterans Golden Age Games a truly adaptive therapeutic sports competition that is a model for the other local, state, and national senior sports events.

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